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You'll find here our favorite reviews (testimonials or accolades) of TheStrategyLab resources from among +1815 comments that has been sent to us by traders we've freely helped and by fee-based clients that have a sincere interest in our trade methodology.

Also, we discuss two particular negative reviews in the message post called " Review" in which the review bloggers violated our terms of use policy...resulting in them being banned. Soon after the ban, they retailiated via posting a negative review about our website/forum/chat room. In addition, we've identified several trolls because their behavior is an example of what's wrong with the internet in today's social media.

The testimonials (accolades) posted within this thread will help those traders having difficulty via search engines to find out the opinions or experiences of those that actually used our methods while posting real-time trades in our free chat room & broker statements in their private threads. In fact, most of our clients are satisfied with TheStrategyLab resources while only a handful are not satisfied.

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Reviews of the Trading Review Industry

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Typically the review industry should be unbiased individuals that have no competing products nor affiliations/partnerships with those in the same industry they're reviewing.

The trading review industry is very's like the wild wild west with the reviewers having the same services and affiliations/partnerships as those they are reviewing or competition of their partnerships. That's very problematic and it hurts the trading industry...resulting in a fragmented review industry in which you see today the reviewers are now attacking each other.

In fact, there are independent reviewers out there (not discussed below) with no services similar to those they review and they have no criminal backgrounds nor associations with convicted felons. Unfortunately, they are not well known and they actually post verification of their own trade performance unlike the individuals below. Yet, I've never interacted with them and any reviews about them will just be hearsay and opinions.

Therefore, the reviewers discussed below are individuals I've had an interaction with. I've taken old message posts since 2010 and then updated them into independent webpages about reviewers I've interacted with or reviewers that falsely stated they interacted with me when in fact they did not. This allows me to present the facts instead of illusions or fiction to try to make a story entertaining.

Image Dr. Dean Handley @

Forum member, free chat room member but we mainly communicated either via private message while in the free chat room, telephone call, or Skype. I liked the guy and I allowed him into some of my resources only because we shared similar academic science backgrounds.

Simply, I assumed he will take a scientific approach to his review of TheStrategyLab without any troll-like behavior. Strangely, Dr. Dean Handley seems to be the epic center for all of the individuals below and others not yet named but have been identified. I'm sure it's not the legacy he wants to be known for.

Unfortunately, he violated my terms of use policy by stating he replicated my trades posted in the free chat room and he showed no verification of trade performance (no redacted screenshots of trade fills in broker trade execution platform). This is a common problem in the trading review industry...they're not able to show verification that they in fact are able to replicate trades posted by someone.

Further, his reviews primarily concentrate on the signal calling trade alert business which is why I strongly believe reviewers should at least show verification via their own ability to replicate someone's trades via redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in their broker trade execution platform with a screenshot of the timestamp signal calls by the signal calling trade alert room.

It should be the only measuring ruler to determine the merits of a signal calling trade alert room.

Image Emmett Moore Jr. of Tradingschools @

We had one telephone call only and he did not identify himself as an SEC felon, makes illegal telephone recordings without the knowledge of the person he called, puts codes (malware) in emails he sends you so that he can watch you in real-time after you've opened the email, uses fake identities to interact with vendors under the façade of a trader and he's a master of creating false narratives after he's unable to find any dirt on you.

More importantly, I discover during the telephone conversation with Emmett Moore Jr. that he has strong similarities to a problematic troll on IRC that I've banned multiple times from using my free chat room for trying to market his automated trading systems & custom indicators along with trying to use my free chat room as a signal calling trade alert room.
In addition, I banned him because he made terrorist-like threats toward myself, my spouse, and my children...while having a fake interest in my education resources. The problematic troll disappeared after Emmett Moore Jr. posted his infamous review of TheStrategyLab.
During the telephone call (one conversation only) with Emmett Moore Jr., I mentioned all of the below resources @ TheStrategyLab. I would later learn that Emmett Moore Jr brags at his review blog of putting in a lot of time & energy to do extensive research for his review. Oddly, he asked questions about services I did not offer and he wanted access to my trading accounts even though he represents no government agency. In reality, Emmett Moore Jr is a convicted SEC felon, a liar, an impersonator, and a hacker that works in the real estate/home mortgage business.

Yet, he didn't mention the name of my trade methodology called WRB Analysis in his written review of TheStrategyLab nor did he mention the services (resources) that I do offer.

Image WRB Analysis Free Study Guide

Image Fading Volatility Breakout FVB free trade strategy

Image ##TheStrategyLab Free Chat Room (timestamp trade journal for members to post their trades)

Image Live Screen Share meeting (free for qualified members only sharing their screens)

Image Free TSL Support Forum

Image Private Trade Journals / Private Threads (document learning / application of WRB Analysis with redacted screenshots of trade fills in front end (broker trade execution platform) / professional trade journal software

Image Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters (fee-base)

Image Volatility Trading Report VTR trade strategies (fee-base)

Emmett Moore Jr. Tradingschools does not understand that I'm one of the few vendors out there, that has its members post verification of learning the trade method via DOKs and then post verification of the application of the trade method via redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform of the trade performance.

A stranger on the telephone...first time calling me...asking me to give him access to my trading accounts while hiding the facts during the telephone conversation that he's a convicted SEC felon, a fraud, an impersonator, a liar, a hacker with poor investigative research skills under the façade he has a review blog.

Sorry...I will never give you access to my trading accounts.

Upon realizing he was that problematic troll due to the similar behavior...I refused to help him do his research when the redacted screenshots are there at the website for him to review, copy and print. In fact, he stated I send him just one redacted screenshot to verify my trade performance...any trading day. I sarcastically know they're already posted at the website / forum.

Also, I told him he can download the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide whenever he wants and do his own backtesting with his trade signal strategy to determine the merits of WRB Analysis even though there are no codes or programs.

Yet, the requests by him occurred immediately after I started asking him questions about his relationship with Dr. Dean Handley. He made those ridiculous requests about info that's already posted because he wanted to silence me after I begin probing him about his character.
Emmett Moore Jr. is a reviewer whom I mentioned multiple times during the conversation that my trade methodology involves WRB Analysis. Strangely, he brags at his review blog that he puts in a lot of time & energy into his research prior to post a written review.
He requested access only after I told him he should have already seen my redacted statements posted all over the website / forum and within my daily performance trade journal...I do not need to send them to you.

The telephone conversation with Emmett Moore Jr. of Tradingschools was useful to me because it helped me to identify him as the most problematic troll of TheStrategyLab that had eluded my identification of him for the past few years. Unfortunately, a few minions of Tradingschools are trying to extend the false narratives after Emmett Moore Jr. failed to do so with his review of TheStrategyLab via contacting me via anonymous user names to pretend they're a hapless trader or new trader that needs help.

His reviews are pure manipulation involving the signal calling trade alert rooms (he prefers to call them live trade rooms) because he shows no verification of his ability to highly replicate (his words) someone's trades via redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in his broker trade execution platform with a screenshot of the timestamp signal calls by the signal calling trade alert room.

In fact, I initially had doubts about Emmett Moore Jr. suspicious similar behavior to that problematic troll during the telephone conversation until I read his written review that confirmed to me his identity as the problematic troll. His requests to send him my redacted screenshots that are already posted here @ TheStrategyLab was just a façade and his illusion he has control because he really wanted access to my trading accounts.

The key to remember about Emmett Moore Jr. of Tradingschools...he consistently states in his review blog that he's partnered with some of those he's reviewed and he's given glowing positive reviews...he states that you can highly replicate the trades of their live trade rooms (signal calling trade alert rooms).

The contradiction or manipulation is that Emmett Moore Jr. is not able to provide any redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills (simulator or real money) in his broker trade execution platform to show correlation (highly replicate) the signal calls of those he's partnered with...the same failure of those signal calling trade alert rooms that he gives bad reviews.

Emmett Moore Jr. critical error with me during our only telephone call was when he begin lying to me in the initial minutes of the telephone call...resulting in me refusing to send him any of my redacted screenshots that are already posted here at the forum and website.

The next critical error occurred in his poor review of TheStrategyLab when he admitted that I do not offer a signal calling trade alert service...he then intentionally reviewed TheStrategyLab as a signal calling trade alert room including intentionally categorizing TheStrategyLab in the group of signal calling trade alert rooms that he refers to at his blog as Live Trade Rooms.

Just as strange...he doesn't review the services I do offer such as the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide nor review any of my fee-based education resources. In fact, not once in his review does he mention the words WRB Analysis while he states he does extensive research in preparing his reviews.

Emmett Moore Jr. is a con man.

Image Valforex @

There was no interaction with Valforex about TheStrategyLab. In contrast, they joined TheStrategyLab free support forum and then posted spam about their automated binary trading systems. They ignore my requests to stop...I then deleted their membership resulting in them retaliating.

Yet, I did enjoy kicking Warren Ouma or his minion of Valforex out the door when I caught him posting spam at my forum. In fact, he had the audacity to ignore my private messages to post more spam. Simply, he was banned for violation of my terms of use policy.

Valforex retaliated via copying a review by Tradingschools about TheStrategyLab including Valforex creating new false narratives. Warren Ouma like Emmett Moore Jr. has a criminal background and I'm still trying to gather info about any associations between the two reviewers. Yet, I have the view (opinion) that their association is via automated trading systems & custom indicators that are secretive because these their fraud trading systems have no real money verification of trade performance via redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in their front end (broker trade execution platform).

Image Review of Trolls @

These are traders that either do not like my terms of use policies at my website or do not like that I'm a member of several discussion forums even though I do not discuss my website or services unless they initiate comments about TheStrategyLab or wrbtrader.

Most create multiple user names and then quickly disappear (within a few months) after they've posted their negative comments with personal attacks. Yet, I've concentrated on the few that are still lingering at forums / blogs like bathroom fungus that forum owners are too afraid to give a good bleaching.

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