TheStrategyLab Members' Private Trade Journals & Private Threads

TSL members that want to merge WRB Analysis with their trade strategies without revealing their methods to the public can request a private trade journal / private thread. Guest visitors, drive-by curiosity seekers, and members can not see the private trade journals / private threads of other members for security & privacy reasons.

Simply, members can only see their own private trade journal/private thread and they can not see the private journals/threads of other members unless they are invited.

Thus, the private section of the forum is well moderated. Your private trade journal/private thread can be via any trade strategy method that's intuition, rule base, automated, indicators, price action only but you must be using key concepts from WRB Analysis merged with your trade strategy.

By the way, the free chat room is only used as a supplement journal to add to a private trade journal because it contains critical information that's missing from one trade to the next trade...critical information that you will not find in your broker statements.

(click on image or below image link to view trades in daily Broker Trade Execution Platform & Free Chat Room)

TheStrategyLab redacted screenshot (above/left) of timestamp trade fills in my broker trade execution platform is from the archive chat logs @


The private trade journal section is for members to post their trades (paper, simulator, real money, redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in broker trade execution platform, broker statements, quantitative statistical analysis from a professional trade journal software) and market analysis in a private safe journal environment.

Also, a trade journal can only be set up as private (only you can see it) and then after two months of can then invite other traders to join TheStrategyLab so that they can request access to your private trade journal (only you and your trading friends can view your private trade journal).

In addition, you should use a professional trade journal software for the quantitative statistical analysis of your trading in combo with your broker statements. This is critical because broker statements alone will fall short in providing you with critical information about your trading.

Many users here in the private trade journals are using either,,,,,,,,, custom excel or other programs regardless if they're trading on a simulator or with real money.

Contract us to set up your private trade journal or private thread.

Note: You're responsible for any costs associated with your professional trade journal software. Also, contact them for any technical not contact us for such.

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