***Trader Profile Instructions*** (must read)

You must post brief info about you as a trader (e.g trading instruments, country & city location) to help remove some of that anonymity associated with discussion forums.

In addition, if you want references to help determine the merits of our education resources...you're required to post your own trader profile (no exceptions) to gain access to the FVB basic trade signal strategy or access to ##TheStrategyLab chat room password whenever the chat room is password protected.

Note: Do not post DOKs and Redacted Screenshots of Timestamp Trade Fills in broker trade execution platform here in the trader profile section to verify your understanding / application of the Fading Volatility Breakout (FVB) trade signal strategy.

Instead, post your DOKs and Screenshots either in the public area of the Fading Volatility Breakout trade signal strategy thread with other members DOKs or request a private thread to post your info.
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***Trader Profile Instructions*** (must read)

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Price Action Trading (no technical indicators)
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Traders are required to post a "trader profile" to be a member of TheStrategyLab Support Forum for WRB Analysis and its one of the requirements for access to all of our resources (e.g. #TheStrategyLab Free Chat Room, Private Trade Journal, Private Thread, Fading Volatility Breakout trade strategy, Referral Program, Advance WRB Analysis Tutorial Chapters, and Volatility Trading Report) so that we can better document the type of traders that are using our educational resources. In addition, the trader profiles allow members to know a little more about each other to help remove some of that anonymity associated with discussion forums and chat rooms.

The subject title of your trader profile message post must include your City and Country location. For example, as shown below, the subject title of my trade profile is Province de Québec, Canada.
You must post your trader profile here with the trader profiles of other users of our free resources after your membership has been accepted to TheStrategyLab Free Support Forum. To post your trader profile message...look up while reading this message and you'll see on the left side the button "New Topic" under the title "Trader Profile Instructions" as shown in the below image. Click the new topic button and prepare your message post. Thus, do not send your trader profile to me via email or private message.


Next...type your body (message post about you as a trader) and then click the "submit" button below your message post.


Next...to attach your redacted screenshot to your trade profile...follow the easy instructions in the below image.


Your trader profile must contain the following:

Image Real Name (first name required).

As an example, if your first name is Mikil...that's what you post but do not post your full name. For example, if your full name is Mikil Johanson, you need to only post Mikil to protect your privacy.

Image Your Trading Instruments

Image Post one redacted screenshot of your monitor showing your most recent trades (simulator or real money) in your broker trade execution platform. Also, we must be able to see the broker trade execution platform in the image and down below in your task bar along with some executed trades...simulator or real money.

If you don't want others to see your redacted screenshot of trade fills in your broker trade execution platform in your trader profile due to security & privacy reasons...please send an email to us to request a private thread for you to upload the image and we'll never share that image with anyone...no matter the reason.

Note: I posted (attachments) several redacted screenshots of trade fills in my broker trader execution platform at the bottom of my trader profile @ https://www.forum-tsl.thestrategylab.com/viewtopic.php?t=41 (you're only required to post only one redacted screenshot)

Image Country and City Residence.

Note: Do not post street addresses (e.g. 1234 Blvd Draco) because such will be deleted from your trader profiles to protect your privacy.

Image Social Network User Name.

This is only required if you have a social network user name (e.g. skype, twitter, stocktwits, facebook, myspace or another discussion forum) to make it easier for others to talk to you if they're using the same social network. This is a very useful way to collaborate with others that are using TheStrategyLab.com services (free or fee-base).

You can post information about the following as an option (not required):

Image Personal story about your background

Image Brokers

Image Primary Trading Platform

Image Real-Time Chart Vendor

Image Primary Trading Plan (in-depth information not needed)

Best Regards,
M.A. Perry
Trader and Founder of WRB Analysis (wide range body/bar analysis)
Price Action Trading (no technical indicators)
Image@ http://twitter.com/wrbtrader

Phone: +1 224 307-4434
Business Hours: 8am - 5pm est (Mon - Fri)
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