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DOKs for tutorial chapters 1, 2, and 3 will verify the understanding of the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. This thread section is only for the posting of DOKs.

To post your Demonstration of Knowledge (DOK)...please click here.

After you've posted your DOKs...I will then set up a private thread for members to post their redacted screenshots of timestamp trade fills in their broker trade execution platform for verifying their application of the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide. Each member will have their own private thread and they can not access nor see the private thread of other members.

In contrast, if you have questions about any of the key concepts discussed in the WRB Analysis Free Study Guide...please post your WRB Analysis questions in the below section by clicking New Topic or click its button that you see below on the left.
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Test Post

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Testing 123

M.A. Perry

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